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Building for Future

Some things in business come with the element of unpredictability. Listen to Nate as he identifies efficient methods in planning for your future.

Business Systems

The rapid expansion of artificial intelligence has affected how you account for data. Watch as Nate explains the best ways to automate your business.

Tax Planning

Focusing on reinvestment and expansion can come with tax advantages. Listen to Nate explain the best method for you when planning your share of tax.

Return on Investment

People always ask ‘When should I start seeing a return on investment?’ Watch as Nate provides tips on measuring your return on investment.

Building A Brand

A brand isn’t about your business’s ego, it’s about your customers. Watch as Nate explains what is most important for you when building a brand.

Building Teams

Staffing is the only way you can grow a business beyond being just a ‘job’. Watch as Nate explains what is most important for you when building a team.

Budget Forecasting

Some of you love a good old budget, others might be a little more reactive. Nate explains how a balance between impulse and forecasting is key to budgeting.

Boosting Cashflow

Cashflow is constantly changing, so what is the secret to boosting your cashflow? Watch as Nate explains how to manage a balance between your time and cash.

Anytime Advisory

What is the fastest way to talk to your clients? Or advise your team on where to go next? Learn as we discuss the pros of instant messaging in the workplace.

Data Management

Do you really need to be paying for a bookkeeper and an accountant? Learn more about the differences between each and why you really need both.

Cyber Security

There’s no doubt that technology is essential in modern business. But there’s always the potential for cyber risk. What does it look like? How do you protect your data?

Single Touch Payroll

The ATO’s new requirements on how an employer is to manage and report payroll obligations. How does it work? What changes are important to you?

Buying A Car

Thinking about purchasing a vehicle? Watch as Nate Kellock outlines your purchase options and tax implications.

MyGov vs. Tax Agents

Unsure if lodging your own tax return is a good idea? Watch as Nate talks the difference between Tax Agents and My Gov.

Preparing for ENKE

Make the most of your appointment! Watch as Nate gives key pointers about our service and how to prepare for your consult.

Preparing for EOFY

EOFY is coming around again. Watch as Nate talks best practice for preparing for EOFY, and how to maximise your refund.


After launching an ITR, you receive a Notice of Assessment. Watch Nate talk NOA’s and when you may need to produce a copy.

Foreign Income

Do you actually know what is considered foreign income? Watch Nate talk you through the basics and how this might impact you.

Managing Dividends

Confused about dividends and your taxes? Watch Nate’s tips on managing your share portfolio and getting your taxes in order.

Franking Credits

Franked, Unfranked dividends, and you. Watch Nate talk the differences and key things to keep watch out for when planning tax.


Investment Properties

What do you need to know about your investment property? Watch Nate talk maximising your claims on investment properties.

Capital Gains Tax

What is capital gains tax and what associated discounts may apply to you? Watch Nate talk ensuring you are prepared for CGT.

Property Depreciation

Do you rent out your property? Watch as Nate talks if you should be depreciating your property and how to approach this.

Property Expenses

Do you incur common expenses managing your rental property? Watch as Nate talks property expenses and your deductibles

Travel Expenses

Do you know what are actually considered travel expenses for tax? Watch Nate discuss ensuring you claim the right amount.

Uniform Expenses

Uniform expenses are a category most people get wrong. Watch Nate discuss what claimable uniform expenses actually means.

Depreciating Assets

How do you depreciate your investments? Watch Nate talk depreciation and what you need to make the most of your assets.

Managed Funds

Do you have a managed fund? Watch as Nate talks the key pieces of information that you need to include in your tax return.

Managing Tax Affairs

Do you manage your tax affairs? Watch Nate talk deductions associated with managing tax affairs and increasing your refund.

Education Expenses

Are you enrolled in education? Watch Nate talk allowable self-education claims vs. personal and non-deductible education.

Other Work Expenses

Do you know what are considered ‘Other Work Expenses’? Watch Nate cover the basic, key expenses that fall under this category.

Salary Sacrificing

Consider salary sacrificing? Watch as Nate talks the impact on your tax position and common obstacles faced you may face.

Financial Reports

Do you understand the differences between financial reports? Watch Nate as tackles the basics behind financial reporting.

Business Structures

What business structure suits you best? Watch Nate talk different business structures for SME start-ups and associated risks.

GST Registration

Have you reached the GST threshold? Watch Nate talk GST registration requirements and what to do if you reach the threshold.

PAYG Registration

How does PAYG affect your business? Watch as Nate talks registering for PAYG withholding and your reporting obligations.

Have A Suggestion?

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the number one issue small businesses struggle with. Watch as Nate talks the benefits of forecasting cash flows.


Do you have a realistic budget? Watch Nate talk the impacts of budgeting on your business and setting reasonable goals.

Accounts Payable

How effectively do you manage Accounts Payable? Watch Nate’s key tips for setting up and managing an accounts payable system.

Managing Invoices

How do you manage invoices? Watch Nate talk the invoicing process and improving clients’ willingness to settle invoices on time.

Amending BAS/Tax Returns

Do you know how to amend mistakes in tax declarations and BAS? Watch Nate talk your options for correcting tax mistakes.

Record Keeping Standards

Record-keeping is continuously changing with technological advancement. Watch Nate talk all things cloud-based record-keeping.

ATO Investigations / Audits

How would you respond if the ATO audited or investigated you? Watch Nate talk preparing in advance for an investigation.


What is FBT and does it affect your business? Watch Nate talk the basics of Fringe Benefit Tax and how it can impact you.

Nate Talks about Managing Staff

Finding and managing your perfect team be overwhelming. Watch Nate talk common HRM mistakes and avoiding them in your business.

When is the right time for Pay Reviews

Pay reviews are a key way to retain members of your team. Watch Nate discuss key factors to consider with your pay reviews.

How to Incentivise Staff of Today.

Incentivising staff is increasingly common in modern business. Watch Nate as he discusses the tax implications of this trend.

Succession Planning – An Exit Strategy

Do you have a plan for your business’ future? Watch Nate talk the challenges of succession plan and building a succession plan.


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