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Some things in business come with an element of unpredictability, the fact is that tomorrow comes whether you are ready or not.

To Plan for Tomorrow, You Should:

1. Know your financials know your potential

2.Build teams, invest into your people, culture and technology

3. Know what your customers want and give it to them; don’t sell stuff they don’t want. You will loose trust.

4. Evaluate time, money and resources and what level of ROI is acceptable.

5. Have a succession plan, financial and strategic.

6. Evolve, automate and streamline processes; save time and that converts to true wealth.

Consider true wealth as a measurement of time. Money is intertwined, but time is the endgame. If you can retire on $1 million dollars and that buys you 30 years, amazing. But if you churn through $1 million dollars a day, you’ve got 24 hours.
Focus on time over money and the way we make it changes for the better, smarter decisions more cash in the bank.

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Hosts Bio


Nate Kellock is a renowned creator of engaging audio/visual programs. His reassuring persona and ability to create thought-provoking content results in a spontaneous and unique show for viewers and listeners alike.

As the host of numerous podcasts, videos and live events, Nate carefully crafts an array of compelling content through his extensive experience within the entertainment industry and knowledge of current industry trends.

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