Return on Investment – Show Notes & More

People constantly ask ‘When should I start seeing a ROI?’ The correct answer is immediately; the thing here is perception on what the investment is. Return on investment needs to come with every decision you make in business, the question here should really be ‘How do I measure ROI?’

3 Key Tips on Measuring ROI

1. Time: Time is the greatest thing we as humans can have, it’s the one thing that no amount of money can buy you. Look at what you give your time to and whether the time spent is worth the return.

2. Balance: Return on investment must take into consideration the balance of time, money and resources that was needed. Balancing a investment allows for a greater distribution of investments, increasing the likely hood of success.

3. Resources: The old reinventing the wheel is a great once here, ask yourself what is the purpose of this is and is this project is the level of resources best used on this.

If you would like to learn more on how on measure your return on investment, contact us below and we can arrange a meeting.

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