Managing Cashflow – Show Notes & More

There are a few things I want you to understand about cashflow. Understand that time and cashflow have a symbiotic relationship, the art is balancing time and not focusing on cashflow itself.

3 Things to Understand when Boosting Cashflow
1. Balance your time, don’t focus on cashflow alone. Time allows for change, sales, improvement, think of cashflow as a by-product of effective action or an effective use of time. If you can be more effective with your time, cashflow comes. Focusing on cashflow often consumes way too much time, it increases stress and has no real action associated with it.

2. Understand the differences between what impacts cashflow and what impacts time. Be quick to implement and slow to change. Cashflow needs to be given time, the art is in allocating the right amount of time.

3. Manage the balance of action with restraint. If we accept the relationship between time and cashflow, the most powerful element is the ability to manage the balance of action with restraint.

Cashflow isn’t something that a business survives very long without but cashflow is also a reflection of action. If the action is the right, cashflow comes. If cashflow is missing, maybe you’re wasting time on the wrong things.

If you would like to learn more on how on manage your cashflow, contact us below and we can arrange a meeting.

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Nate Kellock is a renowned creator of engaging audio/visual programs. His reassuring persona and ability to create thought-provoking content results in a spontaneous and unique show for viewers and listeners alike.

As the host of numerous podcasts, videos and live events, Nate carefully crafts an array of compelling content through his extensive experience within the entertainment industry and knowledge of current industry trends.

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