Building A Brand – Show Notes & More

Growing a brand in essence is easy, this is often what makes employees convert to entrepreneurs, but the real catch here is mindset. A brand isn’t about ego its about customers, it is about who will benefit from your products, not your brand.

3 Things Consumers Look For

1. Trust: This is the base of everything. You can’t offer something and not follow through with the delivery. If you have trust, you have an opportunity to sell.

2. Value Proposition: You need to look at what the customer identifies as being valuable. It’s a lot easier to give a customer what they are after rather than to sell them something they don’t need.

3. Be the Best at What You Do: People want to know that this product is the best product that they can get. That doesn’t mean it needs to be the best product in the world, it just needs to be the best product in your field of expertise. Think Toyota versus Ferrari. Both sell cars, but the detail in the value proposition, this is what impacts the sale. If you want a million dollar car, Toyota isn’t going to cut it. If you want value and are price-sensitive, Ferrari probably aren’t the right brand for you.

Branding is the afterthought that forms once relationships are built with consumers. The relationships come from trust in your products. Focus on your customers and brands come to life.

Hosts Bio


Soraya Calavassy is a Director & Co-Founder at award winning creative communications agency Neon Black.

Soraya was named a B&T 30u30 PR winner (2017) and a Women in Media Finalist (2018). Soraya won an ASTRA Award for ‘Best PR Campaign’ for her work with Nickelodeon on the Dare to Be Square campaign.


Nate Kellock is a renowned creator of engaging audio/visual programs. His reassuring persona and ability to create thought-provoking content results in a spontaneous and unique show for viewers and listeners alike.

As the host of numerous podcasts, videos and live events, Nate carefully crafts an array of compelling content through his extensive experience within the entertainment industry and knowledge of current industry trends.

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