Cyber Security – Show Notes & More

Recently, we had the unfortunate experience of an attempted hack by ransomware. But the use of cyber secure programs and software stopped it from going anywhere near our data.

3 Things that Made it a Non-Event for Us
1. We backed up twice a day.

2. We rotated backups offsite.

3. Client privacy was always maintained throughout our processes.

3 Take-Away Lessons
1. Backups are no good if connected to your network, they need to be removed and offline, ideally offsite.

2. Have a backup program like shadow protect installed, these products are designed to get you back up and running quickly.

3. Be careful if you access your systems remotely. Speak to your IT consultants about the safest way to do it.

Hosts Bio


Nate’s experience spans a range of industries from creative industries, to event management, corporate law, management accounting, liquidation and insolvency, taxation, business consulting, advisory and coaching.

Nate currently manages two Australian-based businesses –  ENKE & CO a management accounting and advisory firm & ELEV8 Business a Growth & Thought Leadership Agency.

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